Montreal Fireworks Winning Display

L’International des Feux Loto-Québec – 2015 & 2017

Having won 1st Prize in all of the major UK pyromusical competitions, Jubilee Fireworks has attracted interest from even larger International events.  To date, we have been awarded Gold in several of the most prestigious International pyromusical competitions; most recently in Montreal.

With a history dating back to 1985, the Montreal Fireworks Competition (L’International des Fuex Loto-Quebec) is widely regarded as the most prestigious event of its kind, attracting the finest fireworks companies in the world.  Participation is by invitation only; in 2015 and again in 2017, Jubilee represented the United Kingdom and were awarded the coveted ‘Gold Jupiter’ (first place) – with other competitors from France, China (Hong Kong), USA, Italy and Canada.

Fireworks were shipped by sea, direct from the UK to Canada via Rotterdam.  The logistics and regulatory compliance involved in this process was a formidable challenge, particularly as we shipped 1.1G product (the highest explosive category).  This required a thorough knowledge of international transport regulations and an ability to liaise with all of the agencies involved.

The event itself takes place at La Ronde, a large theme-park run by the Six Flags Organisation.  The park has a purpose-built site for the location of the fireworks, with several distinct locations (or ‘ramps’) from which the fireworks are launched and a lake for the deployment of aquatic effects.

A team of eleven pyrotechnicians from Jubilee were employed in the rigging of the show, which involved two days ‘pre-preparation’ work off-site, and three days on the site itself, working alongside an experienced support team provided by La Ronde.  In all, over twenty technicians spent a total of 650 man-hours in setting up the thirty minute show, which required 175 field modules and over 5,000 individual circuits (firing cues) to deliver the final performance.

A project of this scale is rare in the fireworks industry, and demonstrates our ability to work under pressure, to strict deadlines, and deliver outstanding performances at the very highest level.  

Our design excellence, professional expertise, and exceptional organizational skills have been rewarded globally, and we are the UK’s most awarded fireworks company.  We look forward to working with you on your next outstanding event.


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