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Our Services:


Jubilee Fireworks have a dedicated team of pyrotechnicians who are experienced specialists in the rigging and firing of high-impact displays in sports stadia and arenas, providing an enhanced spectator experience for pre-show entertainment, pitch run-ons, and match finales/presentations.

We can tailor each presentation to the requirements of your location, and provide personal touches such as coordinating pyrotechnic effects to match your team colours


Our repertoire includes:

•  Giant fountains – often fired ‘en masse’ across the length of the pitch or used to create a ‘tunnel’ effect


•  Low and zero fall-out ‘close proximity’ stage and arena pyrotechnics


•  Confetti and Streamer launches (for podium presentations)

•  Flame projectors (as exampled in the video above)


•  Specialised daylight fireworks – based on coloured smoke (in team colours) and noise


•  Digitally controlled comet and mine ‘chase’ sequences (ideal for rooftops)

Numerous sporting clubs and organisations also employ our services to stage complete displays in the November season. ‘Bonfire Night’ or Halloween events offer a great opportunity to raise funds and also reinforce community relations. A fireworks display can be a very cost-effective way of entertaining thousands of people. We can assist with the promotion of your event and give advice on how to maximise the appeal of your display.

Our client list includes

Whatever your event, Jubilee Fireworks will create a display with expertly-chosen special effects to ensure a spectacular result.

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