The Wandsworth ‘Battersea Park’ Fireworks display is one of the largest single event contracts in the UK. The Client (Wandsworth Council) were seeking an alternative supplier from 2014 onwards, when we took over the contract.

We were chosen from a strong field of contenders on the strength of:

• Our reputation and recent achievements

• The quality of our proposals, which included a detailed description of the display and computer simulations

• Our professional approach

The event management team at Wandsworth have a very ‘hands-on’ approach to every aspect of the event – and a strong involvement in the selection of music, which is a key aspect for them. Establishing a good working relationship with the client is, therefore, essential. We go to great lengths to accommodate our client’s requirements and translate their vision into reality, giving guidance where needed and attending several pre-event meetings throughout the year — prior to the display itself. We have been awarded the contract again for 2016 on the strength of our performances in 2014 and 2015.

The show itself is, in many ways, a traditional November ‘pyro-musical’ display – staged before a large audience in excess of 20,000 spectators.   Fired from a single location, with a wide frontage, the display features a diverse range of pyrotechnic effects including shells, roman candles, multishot barrages and ground-based fireworks.  Flame projector and SFX effects are also incorporated to add an extra dimension to the display.

Battersea Park Fireworks HC9Q7295-1-2

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